Cyber Golf at it's very best. This is the game that caused me to buy and learn how to use my first computer. Developed by AccessSoftware and later bought out by Micro$oft, LinksLS is simply the best computer golf sim in the world. There are a few other sites that have news, new charts and forums related to LinksLS, these will be listed on my links page.

The main item I want to offer here for Links is my collection of soundscripts. These are background sounds and commentary by PGA announcers that runs in the background of the game while you are playing. You are welcome to download any of these scripts (due to the unbelievable generosity of my host, LinksCorner) at no charge. All I ask is that you email a thank you to the original editors of these scripts.



Links SoundScript Archives




Need a good LS2000 chip chart? Here are my reformatted version of CartPath's 2K charts.

Need a good Links2001 chart? Here is my reformatted version of CartPath's 2001 loft chart.


The LinksLS Webring



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