Links Golf Links

Links Corner Forum
Simply the best forum to find answers in.

Excellent off and online tournaments. Make sure you visit their web board.

Links 2001 Golf Forum
The newest and guaranteed uncensored message board devoted to Links2001 issues.

LS Tour Message Board
Microsoft's "official" message board for LS information.

LinksSound-Team Germany
German language Soundscripts from the LinksSound Team

Links LS Highlights
The unofficial Highlights page of the LSTour and the VGA Tour. A collection of VGA Highlights, Super Shots, Almost Super Shots, Crazy Shots, Glitches, Screen shots, Objects Found, Great Games, Easter Eggs and more.

Links Corner
The Ultimate Course Resource. Download free all courses created using the APCD. The latest Course information from Designer's and huge tutorials on how to use the APCD. Reviews also available.

BJ's Online Golf Connections
The purpose of this web site is to enhance the download service to the players of Links2001. They provide one of the best resources on the net to help keep you informed of all the latest APCD designed courses that are available for download.  They also have a Message Board that the players can use to ask questions, resolve problems, report bugs, suggest improvements to our service or just talk to others about the game.

Links LS Golf Forum
One of the oldest web boards for LS.

Links Journal
All the Links news that's fit to print. And some that isn't..

Harvey Bunce's Links Resources
Links to other Links 2001 sites from a true pioneer of our game.

GolfDawg's Mega- Links Page
The most complete listing of Links/Links LS sites that you will find anywhere me on this one ;-)

LDSDBomber's Master Class
A complete playing guide for the game of LinksLS. Contains  discussions and comments with general guidelines aimed at helping you help yourself to learn the game and play better golf.   by Lee Harris

Alt Shot Strategy
The optimum way to play alt shot on a team. The optimum team has one player who's strength is his Wood/Iron play, and the other player has a strong short game, including chipping and putting. This info can also be used if both players have good Wood/Iron games, but one excels in the short game, or vice versa.   by Dan Perry

Devil's Island strategy
Break par at Devil's Island with this unique and beautifully illustrated shot playing tutorial by FireHead.

FireHead's Links2001 Site
Jon "Firehead" Pineda brings his newest Links webstite to the table. Tips, graphics downloads and coming soon, Medinah #3 Golf Course.

Bubs Wind Charts
Help take the guess work out of the breezy and windy conditions. Illustrated with actual wind gauge screenshots, Bubs wind charts are extremely accurate and easy to use.

LinksPro's Links 2001 Vault
Tired of playing the same games over and over ? Try LinksPro's
MOPs for Links 2001.

The first and only100% player owned and managed LinksLS community on the web. Offering over a dozen regularly scheduled
games that are played throughout each week.

.Guenter's Site
Great up to date info, metric charts, scorecards and aerial views of every course.

MegaLinks Page ebgcd.gif (6115 bytes) David Cass' Links Highlights
The Course Depot

Fun Links

The Free Site
My favorite freebie site. Check their 'Newest Freebies" page every few days.

The Daily Freebie
My 2nd favorite. Updated daily.

Totally Free Stuff
The last freebie site I use. Bookmark the "New Free Stuff".

Micro$oft Terra Server
Satellite images of almost every place in the U.S. and most of Europe.

Flight Tracker
Find out the current status of any flights between major cities within the United States. Use the "Graphical Version" to watch the flight in progress.

PC Links

Beta Bites
Excellent place to keep up with new applications for games and beta programs.

The latest news on the PC front and beta programs from efront.

Drivers HeadQuarters
Updates and solutions for all of your driver problems. (Except, of course, for that generic idiot on the highway that always seems to be near you.

The website for Electronics Boutique. Generally the first site to offer the newest games.

The Gibson Research Center website. Home of one of the best and easy to use firewalls on the net, Zone Alarm. If you are on cable or DSL, visit this site for very important information and solutions to those problems.

Misc. Links

ICQ (I Seek You)
Simply the very best chat network available. Feel free to add me (5372250) to your list if you'd care to play a little cyber golf.

Search engine for cracks and serials. If you don't understand, it's not for you.

A few apps from a generous soul.

Kelly Blue Book
Online version of the famous car pricing guide.
The place for military brats to find their long lost friends. A personal favorite.