Friends........where do I start ? This one's going to take a lot of thinking about. I'm not sure how to set this page up, but I guess I'll just figure it out as I go along. Here they are, in no particular order, the lives, times, homepages and pics of some of the friends I've met along the way.


I've had a lot of fun on the internet but I will forever be grateful to it for one thing, it gave me back my oldest friend. Being a military brat for most of my life had one major disadvantage, it's almost impossible to keep up with any of the friends that one makes all over the world. I stumbled across a banner one night for a website called that was created for people like me. A gentleman named Marc Curtis, who is also a military brat, created the site to help in his search for his old friends. He started a database that allowed us "brats" to register ourselves and search for others by name, date of high school graduation or places our parents had been stationed. I had one friend that I wanted to try to find from my childhood in Germany. I registered at and searched for my friends name. He wasn't there but I did stumble up on a classmate from the same era (71-74). The next day I returned to the site to look at my own listing on the registry. I ran a search for those who had registered the day before and as I scrolled toward my own listing, there was, the name of the friend I had been looking for. 27 years after we'd last seen each other, from 2 completely different sources and within 6 hours of one another, we had both signed up on the registry. I sent him an email through the registry and when I got the reply, I almost cried, it was like finding a long lost brother. We keep in touch now, firing off emails once in a while and trying to remember those long ago days. It is to him, my oldest friend, and the Military-Brats Registry that I dedicate this page...thanks, Marc, for returning my "brother" Jim to me, and thank you Jim, for bringing back and keeping alive those memories.




Jim Hattersley- We were in Germany together in the early 70's in a little town called Friedberg. I remember playing backyard football, riding in a tank during "Family Day" at his father's battalion and generally just "lighting up" the little military base.

Walt Anderson- A classmate from Germany. We went through 5th and 6th grade together but he lived on the other small military base in the area, so we didn't get to know each other very well. I also found him on and was able to send him a copy of our 6th grade class picture.

I'm still trying to find a few other of the names I remember from that era, but no luck so far.



Jim "Hook" Cleary- One of my closest LS friends. Jim and I have been chasing golf balls for a couple years now. He's wandered up to Memphis a couple of times and shows as much class on the golf course in person as he does in cyber golf. While he hasn't been able to help my swing, he HAS introduced me to some fresh golf profanity. Jim is a class act who will forever be welcome under my roof.


Lynn "Katz" Katzman- A friend who is more like a brother than a golf partner. We have golf to thank for getting us through some rough times. Amazing how this game can bring people together for a stupid game and end up a valuable resource for support. He made me appreciate my wife even more than I already do. For that, I will ever be grateful. I now hug my wife, just because I can, Thanks Lynn.




Jason and Jennifer Orrell- A couple that was truly meant to be together. I was privileged to watch them meet, become friends, fall in love and get married. It's not often that a person finds their soul mate, but when it does happen, it's a beautiful thing. I wish them all of the luck and love that I have, and look forward to being their friend as we grow old together. View a few of their wedding pics HERE.


Scott Reinmann- I met Scott the first day I walked into a new job at a new bar, Kudzu's. We became quick friends and we've had the added pleasure of watching our daughters grow up together. A single father, with a heart the size of Tennessee, Scott struggles every day with the problems, stigmas and  heartache of being a "part-time" dad. His success in this is evident in his daughter Amanda. He is a member of my "family", and ever shall be.


Pete Bratton- A former bartender who I had the honor of working with. Pete and I made almost the perfect bar team. It was amazing how much we were able to accomplish in an almost impossible situation (see The North End). He taught me parts of the bar business that no one else could have. I've never worked with anyone better and seriously doubt I ever will.


Jack Whitehorn- One of my oldest "regulars" and one of the few who are always welcome at my house. Jack's from the old school and came up the hard way. He is a man of honor, which is a rare thing these days. Jack introduced me to the world of NASCAR by dragging me to Bristol for my 1st race. The race is now a yearly pilgrimage. He is one of my closest friends now and I would trust him with my life. He is the big brother I never had.


Jo Delahunty- Josephine, the classic Irish lass. I've known her for 6 of the 8 years she's been in the U.S. and worked with her for 3 of them. She is an human butterfly with an incredible amount of energy. She epitomizes what the perfect barmaid should be like right down to knowing the names of the hundreds of her regulars. She is the best at what she does and a dear, dear friend.


Billy Gibbons- While ZZTop was in Memphis recording their Recycler album, I was fortunate enough to get to know Billy. He hung out in my bar after working in the studio and we spent many nights talking about little towns in Texas, Mississippi Delta blues and life in general. Over the years, whenever he was in town, he'd come to visit and we'd pick up where we'd left off. I add him here not to "drop names", but to honor him for being just a down to earth guy.

Dori Robertson- My "other daughter". An amazing woman and incredible person who has given me more insight than she'll ever know. I'm honored that she adopted me and I consider the highest compliment I've ever received to be when she asked me to be the one to walk her down the aisle and give her away on the day of her wedding. A special place in my heart will always hold a little of Dori.